Why Clear National

Eric McLendon, CEO

CEO and Founder Eric McLendon established Clear National Title to raise the bar on title service. His experience as a contractor, investor, developer, and an award-winning sales agent for one of New York’s largest brokerage firms was the catalyst for his vision, and his success.

Eric has emerged as an accomplished leader and recognizable figure both in real estate and across a multitude of professional networks.

A proud minority business owner with inspiring entrepreneurial roots, he brings capability, ingenuity and reassurance to the most complex real estate transactions. His goal is to empower Clear’s clientele with superior service they can rely on, as well as financial rewards they simply will not find elsewhere.


About Us


Headquartered in New York City, Clear National Title (Clear) is a premier boutique title insurance agency backed by a prominent Fortune 500 firm. We are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs with the utmost attention to detail, and in protecting their best interests through transparent, cohesive title insurance services for commercial and residential real estate transactions.

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)-certified company, we are one of few title insurance agencies in our field to have the support of four major underwriters. We are proud of our capabilities and reputation for handling complex deals – with an impressive track record that includes closing the largest construction loan Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group has underwritten. Our nationwide reach allows us to serve a distinguished clientele of developers, bankers, attorneys, realtors and government agencies. Clear’s knowledgeable, hand-picked team is committed to excellence. Clients rely on Clear National Title for projects of all types – affordable housing, cultural facilities, hotels, retail development, office, industrial properties, residential and others. We offer creative solutions to streamline and accelerate the transaction process, no matter the scope.

Why Clear National Title?

Our company was built on passion and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service, communication and results in the title insurance arena. We carefully study our industry and the intricacies of title, transactional tax and lien laws, referencing a vast database of knowledge as it relates to your specific deal structure, to keep you clear of challenges and setbacks.
Clear National Title is securely backed and underwritten by a Fortune 500 company. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that combines forces with an award-winning, nationally-recognized brand, affording us a unique advantage in providing a stellar level of personal attention, agility and support that is truly second to none.

The Clear Advantage

Navigating intricate real estate deals requires the skill of seasoned professionals with extensive industry expertise and unflinching dedication toward concrete results. Clear National Title assures its broad client base the keenest attention to detail and the highest level of service for them to reach their unique goals.